Let us together learn and create a NN model, which takes an image as input and returns a descriptive text as output.

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Your interactive network visualizing dashboard in Python

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👉 Preface

A practical guide to tools which helps you “see” the network

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Exploring 12 different arrangements made from basic recurrent layers to experimentally answer 3 interesting questions about model building!

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Let’s build the intuition on why and what of Graph Neural Networks (GNN) by discussing one of the groundbreaking works in the domain — DeepWalk. We will connect this with word2vec and conclude by experimenting with existing implementation on a graph.

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Let’s go through some of the basic algorithms to solve complex decision-making problems influenced by multiple criteria. We will discuss why we need such techniques and explore available algorithms in the cool skcriteria python package

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A comprehensive but simple guide which focus more on the idea behind the formula rather than the math itself — start building the block with expectation, mean, variance to finally understand the large picture i.e. co-variance

co-variance calculation in all its glory!


The best way to learn about Q tables…

Give me maximum reward :)


A intuitive hands-on session on a visual arts sketchbook software by drawing the curves that puts life into animations!

Quadratic Bezier curve in all its glory!


Mohit Mayank

Senior Data Scientist, Technologist, machine learning enthusiast, programmer and budding musician

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